In recent years, the warewashing industry has advanced to an impeccable level, which is why Comenda take great pride in being one of the leaders in the sector.

In a commercial kitchen, warewashers need to be flexible, energy-efficient, with hood types to suit an array of venues. Fortunately, Comenda’s range of warewashers boast technical excellence, energy efficiency and operational savings that drive every Comenda development.

Comenda machines are reliable and consistently perform to a high standard achieving outstanding results as well as combining the newest technological features.

Since becoming a solo manufacturer within the UK market, our warewasher ranges have had numerous technological advances.

The warewasher’s role is essential in creating an economic environment which is why our warewashers are built with an automatic standby mode which is activated when the machine isn’t being used, to reduce energy consumption.

Comenda’s trained technicians can also program the control panel upon installation to establish specific times, temperatures and detergent requirements.

The connectivity in our machines have also received an update, to include data readouts and USB Wi-Fi connectivity to run in conjunction with kitchen IT systems.

Our systems have been manufactured with simplicity in mind which is why we work with our customers to produce some of the leading warewashing equipment on the market.

To find out more about Comenda’s range of wash up systems, contact our UK customer support team at

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