Comenda UK have developed three new brochures featuring all product information and prices from both the Hi-Line and Prime Line ranges.

The Hi-Line and Prime Line product brochures, which are available to download from our website, include all features of each product from our intelligent energy efficiency systems, heat and recovery systems and all technical information such as dimensions and specifications.

Comenda have also developed a price brochure featuring all equipment prices and product nomenclature from both the Hi-Line and Prime Line ranges.

The brochures have been developed to help inform customers of every one of our dish and glasswashers, with detailed information providing everything the user needs to know about Comenda products.

To find out more information on our equipment, you can download the Hi-Line and Prime-Line brochures from our website.

For more information on our price range brochure, contact us by filling out the contact form on our website.

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