Your customers and warewasher may not seem like an obvious correlation, but without one, you can forget the other. 

When it comes to the cleanliness of your foodservice business, the opinion of your customers is key. 

Customers expect sparkling dishes and cutlery and a lack of these can be hugely detrimental on returning trade. It’s no secret that customers are increasingly likely to choose a restaurant based on its hygiene and cleanliness.

That’s why investing in a high-performing Comenda warewasher brings massive long-term benefits to foodservice businesses, as these appliances are more dependable and you can guarantee your dishes and glasses are washed properly.

Not only that, but nowadays, with most dishware costing upwards of £50 per item you need a warewasher that will not only keep your tableware gleaming, it will also protect your plates, bowls and glasses from getting damaged, making the appliance an investment in the long run.  

It is your warewasher that sets the environment for outstanding experiences for your staff and customers.

If there are no glasses, drinks don’t get served. If there is no silverware, tables aren’t set and if there are no pans, food doesn’t get cooked.

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