Cleanliness in a foodservice business is essential for a smooth-running operation. It doesn’t matter how tasty your food is, or what percentage your beverage is, if the plate is speckled with the previous meal, or the glass is stained with watermarks it could impact more than just the vessel; it could impact your relationship with the customer.

Sparkling dishware should be a main priority for a caterer and to maintain a clean and healthy working environment there are several appliances necessary for the foodservice industry. At Comenda, we have every warewasher appliance needed to maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation and most suited to your catering establishment. 

At Comenda we are determined to provide warewashing equipment which uses better cleaning technology. Our appliances are suited to a variety of environments: 

Hi Line Range:

The Hi Line range is perfect for a bar or restaurant due to its quick performance and pristine finish on dishes. The double water blade design boosts contact time and leaves behind no blind spots: producing brilliantly clean glasses, dishes and cutlery. 

One of the most common reasons for post-wash stains is the effects of Osmosis, a naturally occurring process where a weaker saline solution transfers into a strong saline solution. Our Reverse Osmosis demineralisation system and water softening treatment improve the purity of water throughout the cleaning process. This also reduces water hardness and mineral content. No more hard water stains, time-consuming post-wash polishing nor the aggravating costs of breakage that can occur with hand cleaning. 

Both our Hi Line and Prime Line range utilise a Rinse Control Device which combines an atmospheric boiler and a rinse booster pump to ensure consistent water pressure at a constant temperature throughout the cycle.

Hi-Line and Prime Line glasswashers ensure every glass is given a thorough cleaning thanks to a rinse arm configuration that reaches every point achieving no blind spots or stains. 

Prime Line Range:

Like the Hi Line range, the Prime Line warewashers offer an ideal solution for a bar or restaurant. In particular, the smart design of our WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System posts a 25% reduction in rinse water consumption while still providing a thorough, consistent clean. Also with a double water blade design and with rinse arm configuration.

The Prime Line is also available with water softeners to improve water quality and extend the life of your warewasher. 

Comenda Washing Systems:

The washing systems are best used in operations with high meal volumes such as schools, hospitals and buffet-style restaurants. The automatic tray and cutlery loading optimise staff time and responsibilities. The 900mmhigh, lowered entry section is ergonomically designed to ease operations and guarantee more comfortable working conditions.

Comenda Polycord conveyors ensure the highest hygienic standards. Simple, clean and reliable, the conveyor guides the cords along U-shaped grooves that are moulded into the stainless steel surface. Refraining from sharp angles and joints within the design means no accumulation of soil.

Our solutions are designed to eliminate cross-contamination while handling a large load capacity for high output situations.

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