Energy efficiency is a key issue within commercial catering establishments today and is something that Comenda place a huge focus on in terms of our equipment.

Using equipment which is energy efficient not only benefits the environment but can also bring huge benefits to the end user, saving significant amounts in costs whilst still performing to a high standard.

There are many energy efficient features built within our equipment and this applies to both the Prime-Line and the Hi-Line ranges. From energy saving wash cycles to the materials used in manufacturing, Comenda products are environmentally-friendly and produce outstanding results.


Comenda Prime-Line warewashers are built with a double-skinned insulated door which allows the generated heat inside the warewasher to be retained inside the machine. As well as this, the operator is protected from the heat further contributing to user comfort. All Hi-Line products are manufactured with double-skinned stainless steel construction providing strength and durability, meaning products will withstand the test of time.

Automatic stand-by mode

In busy commercial kitchens, often equipment can be left running by mistake which usually results in wasted energy. With both the Prime-Line and Hi-Line ranges, each machine has a responsive design which allows the machine to activate automatic stand-by mode during pauses to reduce energy consumption, so you can concentrate on the important things.

Green washing cycle

While the Prime-Line range has four programming options for washing cycles, the Hi-Line range has five with the addition of Eco2. This cycle is designed to further reduce energy and water consumption costs, however the runtime is slightly longer than any of the other cycles. If the user has sufficient time, the Eco2 cycle can help to save in energy and water consumption whilst providing a thorough and consistent clean of crockery, utensils and glassware.

WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System

Both the Prime-Line and the Hi-Line ranges are built with the WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System. Using smart design, this system shrinks water usage, restrains heating requirements and relies on fewer chemicals or detergents saving an impressive 25% on each. Due to the double water blade design, the system boosts contact time leaving no blind spots so the user can be sure that items are cleaned impeccably.

CRC2 Heat Recovery System

The CRC2 Heat Recovery System and steam condenser uses generated heat to warm the incoming water, permitting a cold water connection while avoiding additional electric load. This then means that the KW loadings are reduced which in turn saves on energy costs. As well as this, the CRC2 Heat Recovery system also minimises the amount of steam released from the machine, creating a more comfortable working environment. With steam being reduced, this contributes to quicker drying of glasses and dishes, with the warmth of the unit further heating the incoming water and reducing energy costs. While the CRC2 Heat Recovery System and steam condenser is optional with our hood-type machines in the Prime-Line range, the system is included within all Hi-Line products.

To find out more about Comenda products and their impressive green credentials, download our online brochure or get in touch with our UK customer support team at

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