The annual summer shutdown has commenced in Italy, meaning our Italian factory will be closed from August 9th, with production resuming on September 2nd.

Each year, the majority of Italian catering and refrigeration equipment manufacturers go on annual leave for the whole latter end of the summer, meaning UK engineers may struggle to source catering equipment from Italian brands.

Engineers need not worry, as this will be for production only, there will be staff available in all other departments and our other factory will still remain open.

During this time, Comenda has increased our stock holdings to cover the production shut down, and warehoused the stock at our freight forwarding company ready to be shipped.

Comenda understands how important it is to have the right warewashing equipment, which is why delivery will take place as normal and there will be no disruption to orders placed either now or during the remaining length of the shutdown.

Meanwhile, we guarantee to maintain a complete delivery and as well with our products, we aim to preserve our high standards and cost-effective solutions within all industries.

Likewise, our part partners Firstchoice have increased their stock holdings to cover and are also available during the Italian summer shutdown period.

To speak to the Comenda team about any of the issues mentioned above or any queries you may have about the warewashing equipment we provide, contact us on 01226 720 768.

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