Specialising in highly durable, practical equipment that is adaptable to suit your personal requirements, the Prime-Line range of glass and dishwashers guarantee professional results every time.

Our range of Prime-Line equipment allows for simple use, rapid cleaning and energy efficiency, providing the perfect solution for almost any catering establishment. With this range, we offer equipment from highly efficient undercounter multipurpose units, pass through units and glasswashers which are available in a range of sizes and models with various optional accessories.

Every one of the Prime-Line products is designed with a simple touch screen control panel for easy use, showing all functioning parameters and highlighting any anomalies allowing for easier monitoring. There are four different program options for washing cycles; Eco Fast which is the quickest cycle for demanding kitchen times, Glasses which is gentle on glassware and has rapid cool down and dry times, Dishes which provides thorough cleaning and rapid dry times and Intensive which is set to maximum temperature allowing thorough cleaning for heavily soiled cookware.

Built to save on costs and energy, the Prime-Line range has the latest energy saving technology which delivers excellent performance whilst shrinking water usage, restraining heating requirements and using fewer chemicals and detergents to clean. Due to the WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System, the rinse water consumption is reduced by 25% yet still provides a thorough, consistent clean due to the double water blade design.

Our Prime-Line range is also available with a range of options meaning the user has the choice to pick exactly what they need for their specific operation. One of the options we offer is the CRC2 heat recovery system and steam condenser which is available only with our hood-type machines in the Prime-Line series. This works by using heat that has already been generated to warm incoming water, which then permits a cold water connection whilst avoiding using additional electricity.

This system also helps to minimise the amount of steam released from the machine which in turn creates a cooler, more comfortable work environment whilst using the warmth of the unit to further heat the incoming water, reducing energy costs. Due to the reduction of steam released, this allows for glasses and dishes to be dried much quicker.

Comenda also offer the Rinse Control Device (RCD) with the Prime-Line series which combines an atmospheric boiler and rinse booster pump to ensure water pressure is consistent and at a constant temperature throughout the cycle. Along with our specialist rinse arm configuration, this helps to ensure that glasses are spotless.

Our Prime-Line range is also available with water softeners to improve the water quality and extend the life cycle of the machine, eliminating the build-up of limescale which can cause problems with equipment and potentially causing break downs.

The Prime-Line series is simply unique, offering the user choice and flexibility whilst ensuring high performance and low energy consumption. To find out more about the Prime-Line range, download our online brochure from our website or get in touch with our UK customer support team at info@comenda.uk.

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