When it comes to the education sector, the last thing caterers need is for their warewashing equipment to not be able to perform its main functions or keep up with the catering demands for hundreds of students every day.

With many schools now offering breakfast and after-school clubs for students where food is on offer, it isn’t just lunchtimes where caterers are finding themselves busy serving students.

Comenda understand how important it is for caterers working in the education sector to have the right warewashing equipment, which is why we have developed a range of equipment suitable for use in schools, colleges and universities which will meet the requirements of each individual establishment.

Types of Comenda warewashing equipment

The particular needs of the establishment will all depend on what type of warewashing product will be best suited for the kitchen. However, rack conveyor warewashers or pass-through warewashers are ideal for the education sector as they can cater for medium to large size operations.

Rack conveyor warewashers are often used in an environment which requires a high volume in a short period of time and are often used in mainly large operations that have a high amount of covers. Comenda rack dishwashers allow the capability for automated handling, pre-wash, wash and drying capabilities which reduces the amount of time and effort needed by operators. Comenda rack machines are also varied in range meaning operators can select a rack machine to suit their operation size and budget.

Pass-through warewashers, or hood type, are perfect for medium to large size operations allowing for the washing of dishes, cutlery and utensils. Pass-through machines also bridge the gap between undercounter and rack machines and are often paired with inlet and outlet tabling allowing for perfect workflow and ergonomics in the wash-up areas.

Energy saving features and options

With warewashing equipment cleaning numerous amounts of glasses and dishes every day in the education sector, Comenda offer a wide range of energy saving features and extras that can help establishments to clean up while saving significant amounts in costs. Comenda have developed the CRC Heat Recovery System unit which can be paired with any hood type dishwasher within the Comenda range. The CRC unit and steam condenser uses generated heat to warm the incoming water for the next washing cycle, which allows for a cold water connection while also avoiding additional electric load. This ultimately means that the KW loadings are reduced which in turn saves on energy costs.

Alongside this, the CRC2 unit reduces the amount of steam released from the warewasher, which then leads to a more comfortable and cooler working environment for staff. The result of this means glasses and dishes are then dried at a quicker rate which speeds up the overall service. The CRC2 Heat Recovery System and steam condenser is optional with all of Comenda’s hood-type machines in the Prime-Line range and is included within all products in the Hi-Line range.

Comenda have also developed the WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System into all of our products. This system is designed to shrink water usage, restrain heating requirements and uses fewer chemicals or detergents saving an outstanding 25% on water, energy and chemicals. The double water blade design of the system also boosts the contact time, allowing for no blind spots on glasses and dishes so that they are outstandingly clean.

In terms of energy saving features, often in busy commercial kitchens, for example in education institutes, equipment can be left switched on by mistake when not in use resulting in wasted energy. Each machine in the Comenda range is designed to be responsive and has an automatic stand-by mode which is activated during pauses to reduce energy consumption, which is highly beneficial for caterers in schools, colleges and universities.

To further help with saving energy, both the Prime-Line and the Hi-Line range of equipment is built with an additional washing cycle, Eco2. This cycle is designed to reduce energy and water costs, with the runtime taking slightly longer than other cycles while still producing immaculately clean glasses and dishes.

Hygiene features

In terms of hygiene, Comenda warewashing equipment includes hygiene features such as the Rinse Control Device which is built within every machine in both the Hi-Line and Prime-Line ranges. This combines an atmospheric boiler and a rinse booster pump to ensure consistent water pressure at a constant temperature throughout the cycle, meaning the machine can handle all cleaning.

The Hi-Line range however, also has the optional Reverse Osmosis demineralisation systems and water softening treatments to improve the purity of water throughout when cleaning glasses. This means hard water stains known as spotting are eliminated, polishing becomes a thing of the past and so reduces the chance of breakages due to manual polishing.

For all education sector needs and requirements when it comes to warewashing, Comenda machines are ideal for use in schools, colleges and universities. Easy to use, energy saving and with high performance rates every time, get in touch if you would like to find out more about our extensive range of equipment for your education establishment via info@comenda.uk.

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