At Comenda, we understand the warewashing needs and requirements of each commercial sector and believe there is a perfect washing system for every operation.

From rack conveyor machines, flight conveyor dish & utensil washers, tray washers and carousel machines, we have solutions that will help meet the daily challenges of each sector, whatever the capacity may be. What makes Comenda unique is that we consider ourselves a partner for every one of our clients offering a complete, tailored system that will maximise efficiencies, flows with logistical and ergonomic ease and respects your bottom line.

With our products, we aim to maintain high standards of hygiene whilst reducing water and energy consumption, as well as help clients to better manage their waste disposal. Comenda equipment also allows users to save time and utilise their space wisely whilst offering a cost effective solution no matter what sector they operate in.

Hospitals and nursing homes

Comenda understand the strict, daily demands within hospitals and nursing homes and it is paramount that hygiene is impeccable due to the associated risks in this sector. Our systems designed for this sector have automatic tray and cutlery loading which optimises staff time and responsibilities. The 900mm high, lowered entry section is designed with ergonomics in mind to ease operations and ensure that working conditions are comfortable. Comenda machines are also HACCP compliant and customers have the option of thermo-disinfection and auto-sanitation with tunnel machines. These systems can also manage each hospital’s specific line of crockery and tray-ware, as well as organising hydration areas to eliminate dry waste.

Schools, universities and canteens

Within the education sector, there are specific peak times of dining which means it is important that caterers are equipped to handle these times and manage large numbers of daily covers. The warewashing systems within this sector must cope with the demand of serving around 1,000 students in half an hour, and the ideal system should have the right power, capacity and economy to clean. The configuration of Comenda’s systems for the education sector includes a glasswasher, dishwasher and tray and cutlery washer which ensures a high standard of cleaning results every time. With canteen style systems, customers are able to sort their own tray and are encouraged to practice waste management. The empty trays are then loaded onto the tray washer automatically allowing for efficiency, quickness and ease of use.

Central kitchens

A main, central kitchen that serves schools, hospitals and other large-scale institutions should be able to operate efficiently on a tight schedule at every stage of preparation as well as with delivery and clean-up. All crockery and containers must be cleaned to the highest standards, dried quickly and ready to use again in time for the next day, which must also be done with the consideration of managing waste. Comenda systems for central kitchens are able to adapt to almost any kind of space whilst maintaining outstanding washing results and conforming to the high volumes of covers which are associated with central kitchens.

Inflight catering

Airline catering in particular must run a tight schedule as staff often have limited time to prepare food, serve it and clean-up with the amount of journeys they make. Turnaround times are demanding and efficiency is vital to ensure smooth transitions – Comenda systems are designed to clean rapidly and thoroughly to help operators meet workflow expectations. Our machines also have thermal-label test compliance and thermo-disinfection features available on our rack and flight machines, meaning we’ve got you covered when it comes to inflight catering.

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