When it comes to warewashing equipment for commercial kitchens, there are many products available on the market today. From undercounter units to hood-type warewashers, there is something to suit the needs and requirements of almost any caterer.

Comenda are pleased to offer a range of warewashing equipment including dish and glasswashers that can be used within restaurant kitchens, hotels, hospitals, schools and many other commercial sectors. However, each different model of warewashing equipment is different and has the ability to carry out several functions most suited for the particular type of establishment it is being used within.

Undercounter warewashers

In a restaurant, often space is as premium which ultimately means compact and multifunctional glass and dishwashing is essential. Comenda have a wide variety of high performance 500 x 500mm basket size machines that are perfect for these kinds of operations. Along with space saving and high performance with undercounted warewashers, Comenda’s operating panels are simple and easy to use with multiple programme cycles. Cycle management means that an operator can adjust the wash cycle times according to the restaurant environment during peak times and quieter times.

Hood type warewashers

Hood type or pass through machines are perfect for medium to large size operations allowing for the washing of dishes, cutlery and utensils. Pass through machines bridge the gap between undercounter and rack machines and are often the machine type of choice for most high-street restaurants. Pass through dishwashers are in most cases paired with inlet and outlet tabling which allows for perfect flow and ergonomics in the wash up areas.

Also, whilst pass through machines are larger than undercounters in relation to the wash tank and rinse tank capacities, Comenda offer a wide range of energy saving extras such as the CRC unit which can be paired with any hood type dishwasher within the Comenda range. CRC heat recovery systems allow the operator to reclaim heat from the wash chamber to then pre-heat water for the next washing cycle, ultimately lowering energy consumption and therefore lowering utility costs. For sites that struggle with electrical and hot water supplies, the CRC unit is ideal as using the steam generated by the dishwasher is used to boost these services.

Rack conveyor warewashers

Rack conveyor dishwashers are often used in larger restaurants with a higher amount of covers. Restaurant environments which require a rack machine often require a higher volume in a shorter period of time. Comenda rack dishwashers allow the capability for automated handling, pre-wash, wash and drying capabilities, reducing the amount of time and effort needed by operators. Comenda rack machines are also varied in range meaning operators can select a rack machine to suit their building operation size and budget.

Flight-type warewasher

Flight type dishwashers are used in large catering facilities across multiple sectors. Often, a premise that caters for extremely large numbers of people will centralise their warewashing facilities, automating the process of tray handling, dish washing and post wash sorting. Flight machine dishwashers will often be paired with a food waste management system that can be incorporated into a complete turnkey solution. Flight dishwashing is often used in sports and leisure catering where there are multiple outlets across a large space, but is often more efficient and convenient to centralise the warewashing operation, likewise in retail areas with large food courts and airports similarly.

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