Leading Italian warewashing manufacturer, Comenda, has now listed its range of equipment on AutoQuotes UK.


On the recently re-branded AQ UK platform, subscribers will be able to locate product information for Comenda’s Hi-Line and Prime-Line range, allow distributors to quote Comenda equipment into their project quickly and efficiently. 


Jonathan Mellor, Brand Manager at Comenda, said: “For dealers using AutoQuotes, we have linked the new range to our old line of equipment, so if a user was to input an old model number, the new model replacement number will now be offered.


“We have also linked the new specification sheets, as well as high-resolution imagery to ensure that dealers have all they need when building a quote.”


The Hi-Line warewashing range has a selection of options available and provides technical excellence and high performance alongside simple operation. This model places emphasis on form, function and cost, making it suitable for a range of commercial catering and foodservice establishments.


For all glass and dishwashing needs, the Prime-Line range specialises in highly durable, adaptable products that guarantee professional results every time. Providing the perfect solution for caterers while boasting sleekness and quality, the Prime-line range is outstanding piece of equipment.

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