Offering a selection of options, the Hi-Line range from Comenda consists of energy efficient equipment boasting high performance and technical excellence, with the ability to produce outstandingly clean tableware items.

From powerful undercounter units for front-of-house use, hood-type units for users with more complex needs and glasswashers, all equipment from the Hi-Line range is reliable, visually appealing and available in various size options whilst taking into consideration the various requirements of our customers.

Designed to be functional and highly productive, the Hi-Line range of equipment is able to withstand the daily demands of any high pressure catering establishment. The double skinned stainless steel construction provides strength while the ergonomic design features allow for simple and quick operation giving users peace of mind.

Comenda are aware that all catering environments operate differently and at different paces, and this knowledge is what has influenced our control panel design on every product. The Hi-Line range has five programming options for washing cycles; Fast which is the most rapid cycle and can clean up to 75 baskets per hour for our largest model, Glasses which is gentle on glassware and has rapid cool down and dry times, Dishes which ensures thorough cleaning and quick dry times for any type of dishes, Intensive which is set for a longer period of time and maximum temperature for crockery and cookware which is heavily soiled and Eco2, a slightly longer cycle which is designed to save energy and water consumption costs.

Like our Prime-Line range, Hi-Line machines are built with the WRIS®2+ Wash and Rinse Integrated System, which can reduce water consumption, energy and the use of chemicals each by 25%. Due to the double water blade design, the contact time is boosted producing an impressive, thorough clean with no blind spots.

As well as this, the Hi-Line range also has CRC2 heat recovery system and steam condensers which use generated heat to warm incoming water, permitting a cold water connection while avoiding additional electric load. This ultimately means that less water and heat is required as well as fewer chemicals and detergents.

The system also minimises the amount of steam released from the machine, which in turn creates a more comfortable and cooler work environment for staff. Due to this, glasses and dishes will not take as long to dry.

Comenda’s Hi-Line range also has the ability to meet the most stringent of hygiene standards within any food and beverage operation. Developed with specialist Reverse Osmosis (RO) demineralisation systems and water softening treatments, this significantly improves the purity of the water during the cleaning process removing large particles, molecules and other contaminants and also helps to extend the life cycle of the machine.

As well as this, a Rinse Control Device (RCD) is also built within Hi-Line products, similar to our Prime-Line range, which combines an atmospheric boiler and a rinse booster pump to ensure water pressure is consistent and at a constant temperature throughout the cycle. Along with the rinse arm configuration, this ensures that glasses are immaculate with no blind spots or stains.

Delivering consistent cleaning power, the Hi-Line range has a triple filtration system with a stainless steel surface filter, polypropylene basket filter and stainless steel mesh wire micro-filter, which helps to capture particulate matter which is then removed via the drain pump. What makes the system so unique is that continuous usage is guaranteed with no need to drain down the tank mid-shift.

The Hi-Line range by Comenda is professional, energy efficient and exceeds expectations giving the user a range of options to choose from depending on their individual requirements and their catering establishment. To find out more about the Hi-Line range, download our online brochure from our website or get in touch with our UK customer support team at

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