At Comenda, we understand the daily demands that caterers are often faced with in the kitchen, and this has had a huge influence on the unique design of the control panel on our warewashing equipment.

Despite the control panel design being different for both the Hi-Line and Prime-Line ranges, it still has the ability to keep operations effortless and straightforward with everything you need right at your fingertips.

The intuitive user design of the control panel includes clear cycle monitoring, colour-coded status indicators as well as four different programming options on all Prime-Line equipment and five options on all Hi-Line models.

Cycle programmes

Both the Hi-Line and Prime-Line programme cycles consist of ‘glasses’, a delicate cycle that is gentle on glassware and features rapid cool-down and dry times for items, ‘dishes’ which is suitable for all shapes and sizes of dishes and ensures thorough cleaning and rapid dry times and ‘intensive’ which is set for a longer duration and maximum temperature for heavily soiled dishes and cookware.

The Prime-Line also has ‘Eco Fast’ which is appropriate for high pressure kitchen times. It is the most rapid cycle for this range and can handle up to 65 baskets per hour for Comenda’s pass-through models in the Prime-Line range, the PC07R and RA.

With the Hi-Line range however, there is a ‘Fast’ cycle which is similar to the Prime-Line’s ‘Eco Fast’ in that it is designed for high pressure kitchen times and is the most rapid cycle for the Hi-Line range. This cycle can handle up to 75 baskets per hour for the largest Hi-Line model, the HCXL-R.

There is also the addition of the ‘Eco2’ cycle with the Hi-Line range, which is designed to further reduce energy and water consumption costs. However, the run time of this cycle is slightly longer than any of the other programmes.

The control panel also shows all functioning parameters and highlights any anomalies, which then allows for easier monitoring and ensures the machine is in full compliance with HACCP protocols.

Soft start

Comenda also has a soft start feature built within all of its equipment, which is designed to begin the cycle slowly and then gradually build to full speed to prevent the dislodging of glasses and crockery and ultimately, possible breakage.

Automatic stand by mode

Our equipment also has an automatic stand by mode which uses the responsive design by activating during pauses to reduce energy consumption.

If you require a customised solution for your Comenda machine, then this isn’t a problem. Our trained technicians will program the control panel upon installation to establish specific times, temperatures and detergent requirements. With Comenda, you can choose any additional add-on options so that your equipment is bespoke and unique for you and your establishment.

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