What is reverse osmosis and why is it important?

Good hygiene is fundamental within all catering establishments and Comenda believes that alongside regular cleaning, this comes from the equipment used within the kitchen. This is why we have implemented reverse osmosis technology as an option in our equipment within […]

27 March 2019

Comenda Wash Up Systems

At Comenda, we understand the warewashing needs and requirements of each commercial sector and believe there is a perfect washing system for every operation. From rack conveyor machines, flight conveyor dish & utensil washers, tray washers and carousel machines, we […]

28 January 2019

Comenda’s Prime-Line range

Specialising in highly durable, practical equipment that is adaptable to suit your personal requirements, the Prime-Line range of glass and dishwashers guarantee professional results every time. Our range of Prime-Line equipment allows for simple use, rapid cleaning and energy efficiency, […]

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