Comenda: Coronavirus latest update

At Comenda, our thoughts go out to all those who are being affected by the Coronavirus, either directly or indirectly.  As we continue to serve our customers around the world, our main priority continues to be keeping our employees and […]

Warewashing’s technical advances

In recent years, the warewashing industry has advanced to an impeccable level, which is why Comenda take great pride in being one of the leaders in the sector. In a commercial kitchen, warewashers need to be flexible, energy-efficient, with hood […]

24 October 2019

Importance of warewashers and customers

Your customers and warewasher may not seem like an obvious correlation, but without one, you can forget the other.  When it comes to the cleanliness of your foodservice business, the opinion of your customers is key.  Customers expect sparkling dishes […]

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